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Students » HERO High Dress Code 2016-17

HERO High Dress Code 2016-17

HERO High students are preparing for college and career. Our appearance communicates this context to our classmates and teachers, as well as to outside professionals, employers, and professors, who frequently visit our school. We ask that students dress according to the norms of academic environments and internship settings:


  • Ensure that all underwear is completely covered by outer garments.
  • Avoid text or imagery that is vulgar, obscene, or denigrates others
  • Avoid text or imagery depicts alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or other illegal or violent activities.
  • Avoid revealing garments such as shirts with large armholes, clothing that exposes the mid-section of the body, plunging necklines, see-through garments, mini-skirts, and short shorts.
  • Avoid ripped or torn clothing. All pants, shorts or dresses should be free of holes from the knees up.
  • Avoid sweatpants and pajamas
  • Avoid headgear other than religious observance

Students who violate this dress code shall be required to modify their appearance by covering or removing the offending item, or, if necessary or practical, replacing it with an acceptable item before returning to class.